This Week at Stratton School- May 8, 2023

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May 8th, 2023

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Students were invited to join a taste test during lunch last week. Miss G harvested kale from the grow dome and made salted kale chips. Many students were excited to try and most LOVED them!

Young Artists Exhibit Post:

For the month of May, the Carrabassett Valley Public Library is hosting a local young artists exhibit. Students from Stratton School have their artwork displayed on the walls. On May 4, there was an opening ceremony/reception and many students came to showcase their work. It was amazing to see the pride these young artists exhibited! A huge thank you to Mrs Flight for all her dedication to empowering our students to express their creativity!

Students are continuing to explore and learn coding skills with Sphero robots. Sphero Indi is s screen less coding robot that uses colored tiles to program. Sphero Bolt is a robot that can be coded using block coding. Students in middles school have been learning both of these robots. Students in 6th grade also enjoyed some time to play soccer with the Bolt robots.

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