Soccer Games Postponed 9/19 Rescheduled for 9/30
The soccer games postponed from 9/19 are rescheduled for Friday 9/30. Girls game first @ 3:30.
School Picture Day
School Picture Day is scheduled for Tuesday October 4th, with PreK on Wednesday October 5th.

This Week at Stratton School- September 12, 2022

School News

September 12th, 2022

Here is what is happening at Stratton School this week:

Upcoming dates:

Calendars & Lunch/Breakfast Menus

Updates from the 1st two weeks of school:

We have been off to a great start of the school year here at Stratton School. During the first 2 weeks students reviewed and practiced routines and expectations.

Stratton School is implementing PBIS (positive behavior intervention & supports). Our school wide expectations are ROAR (Respectful, Organized, Always safe, and Responsible). Students are being recognized by receiving “you’ve been caught” cards when caught demonstrating 1 or more of these expectations. Each morning during announcements, Ms Kathy is randomly choosing a “you’ve been caught” card to read and share with the school.

Kindergarten has been learning about the life cycle of monarchs. They have watched and observed caterpillars morph into chrysalis and also monarch butterflies emerge from their chrysalis. The class has released the monarch butterflies outside and have placed them in the garden.

Grades 3-5 students have begun OOB Fridays (Out Of the Box). The students are in groups and rotate between 3 different activities. Activities the past 2 Fridays have included work in the garden with Ms G, overview of tool safety with Mr Niles, Forest Friday with Mrs Garcienzzo, and learning to tie a bowline knot (and other knots) with Ms King and Mr Niles.

Grades 6-8 students have spent their Fridays enjoying our beautiful surrounding outdoors. The first Friday they went on a hike and reviewed hiking safety. This past Friday students went canoeing on Flagstaff lake.

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