This Week at Stratton School- October 3, 2022

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October 3rd, 2022

Take a peak at all the fun things happening at and around Stratton School this week:

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Updates and Pictures From Last Week:

Harvest Fest!

Students in all grades worked hard throughout the week to put on an amazing Harvest Fest! Students harvested produce from the school garden, prepped and prepared dishes, set up the gym for the event, and ran the event. We served over 150 meals and raised over $670 for our school garden program!

Grades K-2 “Discovery Detour”. This week students learned about the fibonacci sequence. All students read the book Growing Patterns and had a discussion about patterns and the fibonacci sequence in particular. Teams then set to work to find things in nature that fit into the pattern/sequence.

Grades 3-5 “OOB Friday”. Students in grades 3-5 helped to start the process of putting the garden beds to rest for the winter. Students spread compost over some of the perennial gardens. We have a big pile of soil that needed to be moved into the grow dome, students worked together to get the work done. Students also continued their work with learning different knots and knot tying skills.

First grade sang a song in french to the 7th and 8th graders. 1st graders also taught the 7/8 grade about the colors they learned in french.

Grade 6-8 Friday Experiential Learning. In the morning, students went on a trip to the transfer station where they learned about the systems and operations that take place here, they also helped clean up the road in. In the afternoon, students went for a canoe ride on Flagstaff. Students worked in teams to get the canoes down to the water and reviewed canoe/water safety. What a gorgeous afternoon it ended up being!

Sgt Close and Kat came for a visit during lunch on Friday. Students enjoyed having conversations with our guests and middle school even shot some hoops with Sgt Close.

Grade 5 is collecting data on the position of the sun. Students have set up their sun trackers a few times throughout the week and are jotting down where the shadow is at various times throughout the day.

The Bobcats had 2 soccer games this week. On Wednesday the Bobcats played @ Rangeley and both the boys and girls teams came away with wins. On Friday the Bobcats played games at home vs Day Mountain. Both the boys and girls teams had wins for these games. Go Bobcats!

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