Seeking: After School Program Coordinator
Stratton School is seeking an After School Program Coordinator. For more information contact Kathy Matthews at 246-2283 or

This Week at Stratton School- October 24, 2022

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October 24th, 2022

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Stratton School is seeking an After School Program Coordinator. The After School Program runs from 2:30-4:30 Monday-Thursday following the school year calendar.

For more information or for an application please reach out to Kathy Matthews at 246-2283 or

Eustis School Department is looking for an Alpine Ski Coach

If interested or for more information contact Kathy Matthews at 246-2283 or

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Pictures/Updates from Last Week:

1st grade has a new member of their class community. They have adopted a calf named Glow who lives at Brigeen Farm in Turner Maine. The students were very excited to meet their calf (virtually).

The tanker truck was here putting almost 6,000 gallons of heating oil in our tanks. While he was here 3rd grade came out to learn about the big truck and how it worked. We learned it can carry multiple fuel types at once! They learned a lot about safety too. Learning experiences are all around us!

Grades K-3 had fire safety presentations from the Eustis Fire and Rescue Department. Students learned about steps to take in the case of a fire or emergency. Students also had lots of hands on learning through exploring various tools and getting in the fire truck!

Grades K-3 had a Pick a Better Snack visit with our friend from Healthy Community Coalition. Students participated in various activities including a movement activity, a read aloud, discussion, and tasting apple sauce.

Ms Greatorex was offering roasted radishes during lunch last Wednesday. The radishes were harvested the day before from our school garden. Students had mixed reviews but many liked or even loved the radishes.

Students are busy in the garden with Ms Greatorex. Some classes worked on planting garlic for next season, others raked and collected leaves to mulch and put on the garden for protection over the winter season.

“Soccer Minis”- Students in grades 1 & 2 had another session of soccer minis where a few grade 6 students coach and teach these kiddos about soccer drills and skills.

Grades 3-5 had wonderful weather Friday afternoon for “OOB Friday” Students were in the forest exploring and looking for critters such as salamanders and centipedes. Students also put their knot tying skills and practice to use while problem solving how to hang the additional canoes to the rack.

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