No Ski Skate Friday Feb 3
Due to the forecasted below zero temperatures for Friday afternoon, we have decided to cancel this weeks scheduled Ski/Skate. Please add March 10, 24, and 31 to your calendar as additional Ski/Skate days to make up for the ones we have missed. Stay warm these next few days and please help your child remember to come to school with cold weather gear.
Seeking Part Time Bus Driver
The Eustis School Department/Stratton School is seeking bus drivers. This is a part time position for 20-25 hours per week with a consistent schedule. Competitive wages based on experience. For more information contact Kathy Matthews at 246-2283 or
Seeking: After School Program Coordinator
Stratton School is seeking an After School Program Coordinator. For more information contact Kathy Matthews at 246-2283 or

This Week at Stratton School- January 9, 2023

School News

January 9th, 2023

Happening This Week:

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Updates/Pictures from Last Week:

Students in 1st grade learned about the 6 parts of a plant in a garden lesson. They even got to use Mrs Dunham as a model. During science 1st grade learned about animal traits. Students worked collaboratively to discuss and brainstorm while matching traits between baby animals and their parents.

2nd grade has started their estimation station. Each week a student will bring in a bucket of objects and the rest of the class will use their estimation skills to try and be the closest guess.

3rd grade conducted a science experiment to learn about where an animal could best survive. They measured ice melt to determine best insulation. They used thermometers to measure temps in celsius to come to their conclusion which resulted in a snow cave as the best insulator.

Students in grades 3-5 had a blast at Friday OOB. They used their tools to take apart, tinker, and explore everyday objects and how they work. Items included speakers, lights, toaster, skis, vacuum, and Mr Niles project snowmobile. Students also developed and designed paper airplanes. Students did a bit of research about what makes a paper airplane fly/glide best and then set to creating a flying machine. Students then did test flights and discussed what worked, changes that could be made, and ideas for improvement.

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