Baseball Update:
We are sad to say that we are not able to continue baseball practice due to lack of interest. We have held several practices but without 6-7 students consistently it's not conducive to continue. Please encourage your student to toss a ball around with a family member or friend and hopefully we can field a team next year with vigor! - Mrs. Emery

This Week at Stratton School- April 22, 2024

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April 22nd, 2024

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Grades K-2 Snowshoeing

We sure were surprised by the amount of snow that accumulated during an April snowstorm a couple weeks ago. After a snow day and then a 2 hour delay, grades K-2 decided to enjoy the fresh snow and what could be our last snow of the season. Students and teachers put on snowshoes and enjoyed a hike through the woods and around the playground. How lucky are we to have the talented Caitlin Marie Photography 207 on our staff who captures these sweet moments!

Middle School Cook-off

Middle School students took part in a cook off just before April Break. Over the past couple months, our farm to school garden coordinator has taught lessons on cooking and nutrition to students in grades 6-8. Each week students made a small snack with ingredients they may not have been overly familiar with. The culminating event was a team based cook-off. Students were given a budget which they then used to develop a menu, list of ingredients and materials needed, and a plan. Day of the cook-off students headed to the grocery store and procured the needed ingredients and then got to cooking. Students were awarded points for various categories including teamwork/collaboration, number of food groups, presentation, seasoning/taste, and more. Congratulations to all, it was quite impressive to see what you all came up with!

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