Covid Update from Nurse Trisha - May 18th, 2022
Please see the below attachment for a Covid update from Nurse Trisha.
Stratton School is seeking area children who will turn four years old by October 15, to register for the fall Pre-K program.
Stratton School is also seeking area children who will turn five years old by October 15, who are not currently enrolled in the Pre-K program at Stratton School.
Please contact Kathy Matthews at 246-2283 or for more information.

Soccer Playoff Schedule

School News

October 21st, 2021

Here’s a look at the soccer playoff schedule for our teams:

Tuesday, October 26th
Stratton Girls @ Phillips @ 3:30pm

Wednesday, October 27th
The winner of the 4/5 game @ Stratton Boys 3:30pm

Championship Game:
Friday, October 29th @ Mount Abram High School
Boys @ 5:00pm
Girls @ 6:30pm

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