Covid Update from Nurse Trisha - May 18th, 2022
Please see the below attachment for a Covid update from Nurse Trisha.
Stratton School is seeking area children who will turn four years old by October 15, to register for the fall Pre-K program.
Stratton School is also seeking area children who will turn five years old by October 15, who are not currently enrolled in the Pre-K program at Stratton School.
Please contact Kathy Matthews at 246-2283 or for more information.

A Visit to Bigelow Fields

Mrs. Lecander's 2nd Grade

November 21st, 2021

As a part of their studies of the Eastern Woodland Natives and the Wabenaki Confederacy of Maine, 2nd Grade took a field trip recently to Bigelow Fields, the local bison farm in Eustis. While bison were not found natively in this area, natives from the plains commonly used bison for food, clothing and more. Michael and Nichole were generous enough to show the 2nd graders around and talk about the distinction between bison and buffalo, and how plains natives relied on bison to survive.

The second graders got to examine a buffalo skull and try on a hide. They noted how heavy and warm the hide was. Thanks to Bigelow Fields for having our second graders!

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