Soccer Games Postponed 9/19 Rescheduled for 9/30
The soccer games postponed from 9/19 are rescheduled for Friday 9/30. Girls game first @ 3:30.
School Picture Day
School Picture Day is scheduled for Tuesday October 4th, with PreK on Wednesday October 5th.

Kindergarten and 4th Grade Sharing

Mrs. Emery's Pre K & K

April 8th, 2022

On Friday, Kindergarten and 4th Grade took some time to share what they’ve been working on in their classrooms. Kindergarten was showing the 4th Grade the mouse habitats they built, and the story they wrote to go along with it. Then the two classes ventured down to the 4th Grade room so the 4th Graders could share their research writing slideshows off. The 4th Grade then gave a short demonstration on how to use Keynote, and assisted the Kindergarten in making a slide of their own.

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