Norlands Clothing

Mrs. Lecander's 2nd Grade

October 11th, 2017

October 10, 2015

Dear Parents,

Some of the children are concerned about the outfit they need to wear for our trip to the Norlands in October, so I am writing to give the “clothing details.”  This gives everyone time to come up with an outfit.  Dressing the part for the trip adds to the authenticity of the Washburn Norlands experience and I appreciate your effort in making this happen.

Girls are asked to wear long skirts and blouses or longer dresses.  I have aprons and dust caps for them to wear.  A shawl or sweater for their “wrap” would be appropriate.

Boys are asked to wear dark pants (no jeans if possible as they did not have them yet) and a long sleeved button up shirt.  Suspenders would be a great addition, but are not necessary.  Some boys in the past have worn a bandana or hat fitting for the time period of the 1800s.

It should be an exciting learning experience!  Thank you for your help!  Please feel free to call with questions or concerns.


Mrs. Lecander


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