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Warm & Fuzzies!

Mrs. Flight and Ms. Drumstas are happy to report they have a joint project for Pre-K through 4th grade currently underway which will run through the middle of January. They were awarded a grant from the Franklin County Unit of MEA Retired Educators to implement a project based around the book Have you Filled a Bucket Today, by Carol McLoud. The concept around the book is that we all have an invisible bucket that we carry around with us all the time. “Bucket fillers”, those who use kind and caring words and actions fill others buckets and their own as well by their words and actions. If feels good to make other’s feel good!! “Bucket dippers”, are those who take from buckets by using unkind words and actions, it also empties their buckets as well. 

They thought around the holiday season would be a great time to roll out this project. Giving and receiving kindness is a true gift that is uplifting for everyone! Last week, students in all grades were read the book and brainstormed how be bucket fillers. They also created a beautiful winter scene on the bulletin board outside the art room. With the help of the grant, supplies were purchased and students have their own actual small buckets which are being kept outside of the social work office. When a kindness is reported, students earn a “warm fuzzy” (white pom-pom). When buckets are full the warm fuzzies will go onto a winter scene created by the students signifying snow. The idea is to see how much snow we can produce! The kind words and actions will blanket the art project as well as our school community! 

Be sure to ask your children if they have filled any buckets today! Promoting empathy promotes happy caring children and adults in the future!

Snowman Making fun with Franklin County Sheriff’s Department!


Christmas Concert 12/17/18

A trip to the Maine State Library & Legislature

A trip to “The Norlands” 2018

2nd Annual Harvest Pot Luck Dinner 2018 (Stratton School Students grew the food that was served, from seed. Additionally, there were “Maine Sourced” food donations made by the surrounding communities.)

Harvest Pot Luck Preparation 2018

Rangeley Regatta 2018

Fly Fishing practice 9/27/18

Parents Night 9/28/18

Recognizing June Parsons for over 4 decades of service to Stratton School


End of year sports & academic awards and recognition 6/15/18

Cribbage Tourney

3rd & 4th Grade Canoeing 6/13/18

8th Grade Promotion 6/13/18

Beach Day June 12, 2018

Field Day June 2018

Planting the gardens 6/8/18

Reid State Park Trip 6/7/18

Mrs. Lecander’s Butterfly Unit Spring 2018

K-2 Celebration of Learning 6/6/18

Grades 5-8 Celebration of Learning & 3-4 “Me Museums” 5/24/18

Sugarloaf Cleanup May 2018

Winter Carnival 2018

Mrs. Lecander Career Unit

Ben Defroscia, Patrol Director from Sugarloaf, Jeff Lecander, Maintenance Technician and AJ Beaulier painter and business owner visited Mrs. Lecander’s 2nd grade class to speak to the students about their work and training.

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday 3/2/18

2/2018 Sugar Out Day

5th Grade skating with Mr. Brown’s Phys. Ed. class

3rd & 4th Grades Skating with Mr. Brown’s Phys. Ed. class

12/20/17 Classroom doors

12/15/17 PreK – 4th grade Christmas Concert

11/7/17 The Hampstead Theater players presents “Robin Hood”!

10/25/17 Fairy Houses with Mrs. Simpson’s class

Harvest Sampler 2017

10/21/17 Lady Bobcats go to the championship!

Fire Safety  9/18/17

Rangeley Regatta 2017

6/16/17 Step Up Day and End of School Awards Ceremony

6/14/17 Our K-4th graders enjoyed a fun and beautiful day on Flagstaff Lake today!

6/12/17 Field Day!!!


First grader, Lylah Schanz’s drawing won first place for her age group in the “Be Tick Smart”program which is aimed at raising awareness about Lyme Disease. Her drawing will be hung at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the Augusta branch. Lylah was given a state park summer pass. Seventh grader, Noah Koenig won honorable mention for his drawing which will also be on display at the CDC. Both students won certificates. Congratulations!


We’re proud of our Stratton School students that represented our school at the Junior Black Bear Solar Car Competition in South Paris, Maine over the weekend. These students banded together for a finish they can all be proud of:
Eli Fournier won 3rd place overall and 3rd place technical . His car name- Triple Crown.
Evan Downing, Noah Koenig and William DeFroscia’s car won 2nd place overall.

Sugarloaf Clean up 6/2/17

Stratton School Garden Project Spring 2017

4th – 8th Grade Portfolio presentations and Art Show 6/1/17

Mrs. Simpson’s Reader’s Theater 6/1/17

Mrs. Emery’s Kindergarten Tea 6/1/17

Mrs. Lecander’s Poetry and Pie 6/1/17

Learn to golf 5/15/17

Bike to school day 5/10/17

Mrs. Lecander’s class Biography Fair

3/29/17 Laura Qynn from Healthy Community Coalition helped us jumpstart our school garden project!

3/27/17 A visit from the Men’s US Ski Team!

3/24/17 The Pepin’s visited our school to treat everyone to maple taffy!

3/24/17 Making homemade butter for pancakes and maple syrup in kindergarten.

3/24/17 A lesson about King George and “Taxation without Representation” in Mrs. Beers’ 4th grade class. Students were given “money” (Froot Loops) and made to pay “taxes” in Froot Loops for things like: being left handed or having laced shoes and so on.

SAST (Sugarloaf Area Ski Team)  2016 – 2017 Season.

3/16/17 Middle school Tubing at Black Mountain


3/7/17 Physical Education with Mr. Brown. Ice Skates were generously donated by the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) Grant.  Skating rink was generously donated by the Brochu family.


3/2/17 Mrs. Simpson’s Reader’s Theater:

3/2/17 Mrs. Lecander’s student presentation of the State of Maine:

March 2, 2017 Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Celebration!!



Mr. Brown works with the Pre K students.


Open House September 2016


Mrs. Beers’ 4th grade Energy Bus – positivity in motion!


Mrs. Logan, our art teacher, works with the Pre K.

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Sharon & Peter Farnsworth one of our favorite couples from our community.