Stratton School

Warm & Fuzzy Bucket Fillers!

January, 2019

Mrs. Flight and Ms. Drumstas are happy to report they have a joint project for Pre-K through 4th grade currently underway which will run through the middle of January. They were awarded a grant from the Franklin County Unit of MEA Retired Educators to implement a project based around the book Have you Filled a Bucket Today, by Carol McLoud. The concept around the book is that we all have an invisible bucket that we carry around with us all the time. “Bucket fillers”, those who use kind and caring words and actions fill others buckets and their own as well by their words and actions. If feels good to make other’s feel good!! “Bucket dippers”, are those who take from buckets by using unkind words and actions, it also empties their buckets as well. 

They thought around the holiday season would be a great time to roll out this project. Giving and receiving kindness is a true gift that is uplifting for everyone! Last week, students in all grades were read the book and brainstormed how be bucket fillers. They also created a beautiful winter scene on the bulletin board outside the art room. With the help of the grant, supplies were purchased and students have their own actual small buckets which are being kept outside of the social work office. When a kindness is reported, students earn a “warm fuzzy” (white pom-pom). When buckets are full the warm fuzzies will go onto a winter scene created by the students signifying snow. The idea is to see how much snow we can produce! The kind words and actions will blanket the art project as well as our school community! 

Be sure to ask your children if they have filled any buckets today! Promoting empathy promotes happy caring children and adults in the future!