Stratton School

Meet Our Staff

Michael Shea
Barry London
Jessica Milligan
Special Education Director
Kathy Matthews
Administrative Assistant
Trisha Lebeda
School Nurse
Tabitha Emery
Pre-K and Kindergarten Teacher
Patty Simpson
1st Grade Teacher
Sheila Lecander
2nd Grade Teacher
Nicole Beers
3rd/4th Grade Teacher
Katie Wuori
6/7 Homeroom, 5-6 Social Studies, 4-6 ELA Teacher
Pearl Butler
5 Homeroom, 5-8 Math, 7-8 ELA Teacher
Paula Stevens
8 Homeroom, Science Teacher
Alice Totman
Special Education Teacher
Dorothy Breen
Christine Carnahan
Title One
Andrea Drumstas
Social Worker


Ashley Pooler
Special Education Technician
James Bergeron
Special Education Technician
Anna Beaulier
Education Technician
Haley Nutter
Education Technician
Paula Murray
Education Technician
Caitlin Wedding
Education Technician
Denise MacKay
Library Director/ Communications Coordinator & Pre K Education Technician
Maria Logan
Art Teacher
Mathew Brown
Physical Education Teacher
Melissa Pare
Millie Howard
Volunteer Coordinator & Permanent Substitute
Mike Cain
Maintenance/Custodian/Bus Driver
Mike Frost
Maintenance/Custodian/Bus Driver
Hope McPhee
Custodain/Bus Driver
Karen Campbell
Bus Driver


The Voice and Swallowing Center of Maine
Speech and Language